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PelletScan Monochromatic Visible Belt Sorter

The Pelletscan is a machine with a higher optical resolution than any of our previous machines capable of removing spot defects down to 0.08mm. This development addresses the needs of various engineered plastic pellets applications in the wire, cable, medical, optical and automotive industries where the smallest spot defects must be removed. 

The PelletScan™ is a high-resolution two-pass belt sorter where product is metered onto the upper conveyor belt and is viewed by a row of CCD cameras in flight just as it leaves the belt. High-speed ejector valves are used to remove defects, and the accepted product continues on to the lower conveyor belt. 

The process is repeated on the second belt and after the two passes, the accepted product is discharged through one outlet. This dual pass system provides the highest possible quality of accepted product with the smallest amount of discarded “good” product. 

The belt offers a more stable flow and eliminates a lot of static issues that make chute feed impossible. Offering a variable belt speed means we can sort a variety of plastic products.


- Accuracy - 90% of defects sized more than 0.1mm in diameter and 95% of defects 0.25mm and greater.

- Camera resolution <0.1mm 

- Pellet Type - Cylindrical or hemispherical pellets nominally 3mm diameter 

- Capacity - 1 - 2.2 tonnes per hour depending on bulk density 

- Main Applications - Plastic Pellets & Virgin Resins 

- Defects - Black specks, off colour pellets 


- View: Single view, double pass, CCD Monochromatic
- Cameras: 6/View – 12/machine 
- Belt: 528mm (Only 500mm used)
- Ejectors: 96/Belt – 192/machine

Pellet scan

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