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ScanMaster XE - Bichromatic Infra-Red and Infra-Red Sorting

The ScanMaster XE is equipped with the latest development of duplex cameras (IR & IR) viewing from front and rear. With two cameras per 100mm of product covering 360 viewing, the user will be able to remove the defects to give a very high quality final product. 

The New Satake ScanMaster II XE optical sorter uses patented infrared sensors to differentiate between PET flakes and PVC flakes as well as other contaminants. 

Extensive testing at a major US plastics recycling company has proven that the Satake system can reduce the average PVC particles content to acceptable levels. Tests under controlled conditions at the Satake Houston laboratory have produced results exceeding 90% PVC removal efficiency. 

Several models available to suit capacities ranging from 550 to 3,000kg per hour. 



- Intuitive full colour touch screen display

- Product sampling tubes for on-line product sampling

- Integrated Ground Fault Interrupt system for safety improvement

- Remote or local operation mode

- Status indications used throughout system for simple trouble shooting plus diagnostic display, maintenance log and run time statistics provide the tools to increase production effectiveness and reduce downtime.

The ScanMaster XE uses dual Infra-Red to detect defects that appear 'invisible' to conventional colour sorters:

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