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Full Colour Belt Sorter CS-300BI-C

The Satake Full Colour Belt Sorter gives excellent sorting performance on many types of food and non-food materials.

Using new technology, the Full Colour Camera uses three wave lengths, which are R(red), G(green) and B(blue). It can therefore detect and reject material of similar colours.

The use of a belt enables unstable and fragile materials to be carried with the stability and accuracy that would not be achievable on gravity 'chute' machines.

The Sorter's excellent efficiency results from its ability to detect small colour differences by comparing acquired images with stored data.

Sensitivity setting by using real image data is a step change in technology.

The Full Colour Belt Sorter from Satake is already becoming the machine of choice for bean and nut processors around the world.




Full Colour Cameras

Belt Conveying


Easy Operation: 

Movable Large Colour Touch Panel Easy Setting Sensitivity Setting by Image Data
The touch panel is easy to operate due to its adjustable position. 100 settings can be registered. No extra operational adjustments are therefore required after changing the input material. One of the most innovate features of the machine is its ability to detect small colour differences by comparing the images acquired by the cameras with stored data.

Easy Maintenance: 

Cleaning Fluorescent Lamp Replacement Belt Replacement
Build-up of dust and dirt are prevented due to cleaning of the glass surface by means of air and a wiper. The fluorescent lamp is easy to change when required. The belt is easy to change without using special tool.


Typical Products Sorted on Full Colour Machine:


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