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Complete Rice Processing Lines & Machines

Since 1896 when the company’s earliest president, Riichi Satake, invented the first power drive rice milling machine in Japan, Satake’s name has be synonymous with leading rice milling technology. 

Today, Satake’s process know-how and expertise can be found in more than 140 countries around the world. 

Our rice milling equipment provides higher yields, less brokens, better taste and presentation, lower operating costs and most importantly higher profitability for the miller. 

Satake Australia can design and install complete rice milling projects, re-engineer older mills and provide spare parts and service for existing equipment.

Rice Cleaning Equipment

SFI Milling Separator

The Satake Milling Separator SFI is an all purpose separator designed for the efficient separation of large coarse material and small fine materials such as grit during the cereal cleaning process. 

The SFI can be adapted for use as a Silo Intake Separator and is also compatible with an Aspirator unit or with a Hopper at the stock outlet. (more)

SCA Closed Circuit Aspirator

The Satake Closed Circuit Aspirator SCA provides for the efficient, controlled separation of light impurities from cereals. 

Three inlet options enable a standalone application as well as compatibility with a Milling Separator or a Scouring Machine. Whether installed at the grain intake point or integrated into cereal cleaning system, the Satake SCA creates significant savings in energy, space and maintenance. (more)

Gravity Selector (SGA-A) and Destoner (SGA-B)

The SGA family can be used for the cleaning of a wide variety of products such as wheat, maize, rice, nuts and pulses. 

Configured as the Gravity Selector the machine not only gives a destoning separation, but also provides a separation of heavy and light product streams.

As a Destoner the machine gives excellent stone separation at high capacities.  (more)

Optical Sorting

Satake Corporation is involved in the development, manufacturing and marketing of sophisticated food processing equipment for shipment to customers around the world. The Vision Systems Operation Group is a technology leader in optical sorting systems for applications where traditional methods of mechanical separation cannot give the required speed and accuracy. (more)

Paddy Husking & Separation

NEW HR Super Paddy Husker

Satake have recently launched the HR10FT SUPER HUSKER

The new Satake HR10FT Super Husker is the very latest Paddy Husker built for very high capacity with the absolute minimum of breakage. Other new features include vibratory feeder, timing belt drive, new aspiration system and built-in access platform for roll changing.

The husker offers the advantages of decreased breakage, greater aspiration efficiency and significantly improved rubber roll life. (more)

PS Paddy Separator

For all rice millers, improvement in milling yield is an ultimate goal. In order to attain this goal, it is absolutely necessary to obtain pure brown rice free from paddy grain. 

The Satake Paddy Separator is the outcome of many years of experience in the manufacture of oscillation type paddy separators. Very high separation performance and easy maintenance are the two main features of this machine. (more)

Rice Whitening

VTA Vertical Whitener

At the heart of the rice milling process is Satake’s VTA Vertical Whiteners. 

The VTA uses advanced abrasive techniques, a state-of-the-art milling chamber and controlled pressures to produce evenly milled, higher yield rice with fewer brokens and minimum moisture loss.

Maintenance times are reduced and simplified thanks to innovative design features and long life components.

The machine can be supplied with an electronic milling degree adjustment device for integration in to full automated plants.

Three machine sizes are offered for low to high capacity plants. In addition, versions of the VTA can also be used for pulse dehulling, barley whitening and other similar ‘debranning’ operations. (more)

VBF Vertical Whitener

The friction-type vertical chamber allows a high degree of milling while minimising brokens. The friction milling provides a high quality clean finish to the rice. The milling effect may be enhanced by utilising water polishing, which is an option on this unit.

A built-in in turbo fan helps to further improve the appearance of the rice and keep the milling chamber clean under demanding operating conditions.

The screens and two-piece milling roll are easily removed from the side of the machine. A modified version of the VBf is used for maize/corn degerming and other ‘skinning’ processes. (more)


KB Polisher

The Satake Polishing Machine has been specially developed to meet rice millers demands for better rice, better in appearance, quality and storability. Ordinary rice whitening machines damage the surface of milled rice. Through the application of fine water mist prior to to polishing and many new devices developed by Satake, this surface damage is cured and corrected. (more)


ST Rotary Sifter

The Satake Rotary Sifter incorporates a completely new design with many first-time features developed out of years of experience and improving techniques. 

The machine can sift milled rice efficiently and accurately into 2 – 7 grades. (more)

WS Thickness/Width Separator

The Satake Thickness/Width Separator was developed for size separation of various grains and beans. During the passage of materials through the revolving cylindrical screens, smaller grains or beans are discharged through the slots or round holes on the screen and to the outside of the machine. 

This machine is widely used at various large scale rice mills, seed processing plants and grains/beans processing plants to produce high quality products because it can separate broken grains and immatures easily and efficiently. (more)

LRG Length Grader

The Satake Length Grader, indented cylinder type, separates one or two kinds of broken or shorter grains from whole grain by length. This machine is a must for rice millers and seed makers who wish to obtain the highest quality products. (more)