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Satake AlphaScan II High Flow Colour Sorter at O.C. Jewers & Sons Ltd, Suffolk, UK

The AlphaScan product line was introduced in 2005. Since then, hundreds of units have been sold worldwide. After three years in the market place, the decision was made to incorporate a number of technical improvements in line with Satake's business strategy to continuously improve its current product line…. AlphaScan II and AlphaScan II High Flow are born. 

The most significant changes on the AlphaScan II are with the feed system and the new advanced power supply unit. Additional changes include pre-heating for those cold winter mornings, extra seals to avoid dust build up and new sampling trays for ease of checking product. 




The High Flow version of the AlphaScan II was designed following the request of Satake's clients who wanted one machine to run in excess of 30 tonnes/hour. Following a 6 month in-line, on site evaluation trial, the ASII160 High Flow or 'HF' machine went into production in January 2008. 

The first ASII160R High Flow unit was installed at O.C. Jewers in January 2008, upgrading their AlphaScan I. The new ASII160HF model processes wheat and barley at 30-35 tonnes/hour depending on input contamination and re-sort options. Company Director Matthew Jewers is delighted with the new unit and the added capacity means he can process his crops twice as fast. 

O.C. Jewers are one of the few remaining independent family run grain merchants in the UK. Established in 1865, they specialise in grain, seed and fertilisers. Having recently moved to a new, purpose built site beside the A14 near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, they are ideally situated to reach grain exporting ports like Ipswich as well as the major malsters, feed compounders and flour mills in East Anglia. 

Matthew Jewers says "The addition of the AlphaScan II HF to our cleaning line strengthens our ability to deal with rejected loads and contract cleaning by removing ergot, weed seeds and foreign objects. The high flow model means that we can turn around trucks in the shortest possible time."

The addition of the AlphaScan II HF to Jewers cleaning line means they can now eliminate ergot, weed seeds and other foreign objects from the good seeds. As density is not an issue to the optical sorter it can remove defects often missed by conventional cleaning methods such as gravity tables and the new High Flow version offers maximum capacity at a reasonable cost.

The versatility of the AlphaScan II is fast becoming the machine of choice for mobile seed cleaning units, mills, grain stores and farms.

AlphaScan II HF with 4 Chutes Primary and 1 Re-Sort


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