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Satake STSA Duosifter

The Satake STSA Duosifter is a compact high capacity sifter which is ideal for many applications in cereal milling and food industries for sieving a wide range of granular and floury stocks.

The STSA is particularly suitable for flour redressing (rebolt), maize (corn) milling and starch sieving. It can also be used for wheat grading and cleaning duties. The Duosifter STSA has two stack sections and is available in a stack height of fourteen sieves. Each section can make up to seven separations. 

The STSA is of a unique design that combines simplicity of construction and maintenance while providing ease of access, compact dimensions with clean and hygienic operation.

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STSA Features:

- Up to seven separations per stack
- Speed and throw matched to specific duty
- Hard wearing InterLock sieves
- Detachable outer sieve frames
- Completely free swinging
- Fibre reinforced suspension rods
- Quiet running
- Protective cut-out switch incorporated


The Duosifter has a unique drive whereby a synchronous motor drives two rotating counter-weights positioned at either end of the sieve boxes. This arrangement provides the unit with totally free swinging motion. The drive is through HTD toothed belts to ensure perfect synchronization, quiet operation and long life

Safety Cable

The sifter is suspended on fiber reinforced rods and fitted with a steel safety cable at each corner. Safety cables are designed to be easily checked for ease of maintenance.


All sieves are fitted with a removable outer sieve frame which can either have pad or ball cleaners. The sieves are faced with melamine for maximum resistance to wear and excellent sanitation. Special larger 'CXL' sieves with 10 percent more surface area are available for applications where maximum sieving area with a reduced number of separations are required.

Assembling the Sieve Stacks

Assembly or dismantling the sieve stack is a simple operation with the door open or completely removed. No fastening is used to secure the sieves, thereby allowing an ease of sieve maintenance and replacement. 

Mill Details

In modern flour mills, compact sifters are often of increasing importance. The Duosifter STSA is a small, large capacity sifter with capabilities that can often match that of a conventional four section sifter, with the benefits of using a reduced flour area. It is ideal for mill sifting with additional separations and final flour redressing.


To allow full scheming flexibility with up to seven possible separations, provision is made for a sufficient number of outlets. In practice the number of outlets provided is dependent upon the sifter purpose and the scheme selected. 

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