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Satake announces Excellent Employee Award 2022

Satake announces Excellent Employee Award 2022

From left: Kenji Yamashita (President & CEO, Satake Australia) and Grand Prize winner Ronald Hilton

Congratulation to Ron Hilton -Grand prize winner of the Excellent Employee Award 2022 ,held by Satake Corporation.

“It was an honour to be nominated for the Excellent Employee Award for Satake and an even greater honour to be awarded the Grand prize winner of Excellent Employee Award 2022 for Sakate.I’ve been working for Satake Australia in Allora since January 2018. During my five years with Satake, I’ve been involved with Silo Manufacturing & Installations. I started as the Workshop Supervisor at South Street and in May 2021, I progressed to my current role of Production Manager which also has me overseeing the Silo Construction Operations.In closing, thank you again for bestowing this honour on me. I’d like to wish Satake every success in the future and look forward to being a productive team member for many years to come.”

Satake announces Excellent Employee Award 2022 | SATAKE Group (