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Seed Cleaning

Satake Cleaning Equipment

Satake provides mechanical and electronic (colour) sorting systems for seed cleaning.

Typical contaminants removed include:

– Discoloured 
– Stones
– Glass
– Sticks 
– Mud Balls
– Foreign Seeds 
– Immature Seeds
– Insect Damaged
– Bacterial or Fungus Infected 

We also offer seed coating, clover polishing, weighing and packing solutions.


Westrup A/S has for more than 60 years acquired in-depth knowledge within seed and grain processing and can supply equipment for any type of crop.

Westrup’s processing equipment sorts seed and grain by:

  • Pre- and fine air screen cleaning – to remove light, heavy and coarse impurities
  • Length, weight and size separation – to keep the desired seed and grain
  • De-awning, polishing and husking – to obtain the correct finish on the final product

They offer equipment for small, medium and large batch operations – with capacity spans of single machines ranging from 1-380 t/h depending on the product and type of equipment.

Satake and Westrup have been working together closely in a mutual sales agreement enabling us to offer our customers a complete equipment package. The formal strategic partnership was signed by the Satake Corporation and Westrup A/S back in 2017 and in Australia, the partnership is handled by Westrup Area Manager, Jim Hole and Satake Australia Pty Ltd.

Oliver Cleaning Equipment

Oliver Manufacturing was established in 1930 and has been at the forefront of gravity separation for the seed, grain, hemp and recycling industries ever since.

Durable, reliable and efficient, Oliver’s machines sort seed, grain, hemp and dry recycled products.

  • Gravity Separators, also known as gravity air tables or density separators, use a combination of air for weighing, vibration for fluidisation and conveying and tilt (or slope) for separation. Made for ease of use, longevity and above all, accuracy, Oliver Gravity Separators sort dry, granular, free-flowing material into streams according to particle density. This density separation can effectively separate like-size particles with as little as 0.5% difference in specific density.

They offer equipment for small, medium and large batch operations.

Satake gained the Australian agency for Oliver machines in 1992 when we bought out Robinson Milling Systems.