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Rice Taste Analyzer Unit

Calculate rice taste values that mirror human sensory evaluation

This unit comprehensively evaluates rice taste in multiple dimensions. In addition to evaluating a value for taste as determined by the Cooked Rice Taste Analyzer, this machine evaluates freshness, hardness and stickiness (texture). This multidimensional approach calculates a taste value that matches human sensory evaluation more closely than conventional rice taste analyzer values.

Operating Procedure

(1) Measure with Freshness Meter (White rice)
・Measure freshness of white rice.
(2) Measure with Cooked Rice Taste Analyzer (Cooked rice)
・Visually measure rice taste value of cooked rice.
(3) Measure with Hardness and Stickiness Meter
・Measure hardness and stickiness (texture) of cooked rice.
(4) Automatically calculating rice taste analysis value