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Rice Milling Meter

Satake Corporation have developed a new milling meter that simultaneously measures the degree of milling, comparative whiteness and degree of transparency of milled rice samples. The advanced measuring system uses both reflected and absorbed light, producing far greater accuracy than can be obtained with conventional whiteness meters, which measure only reflected light. 

Three Displayed Milling Indictors
Milling Degree, which is an indicators of the percentage of bran removal, is calculated by a microprocessor from the measured whiteness and transparency values. In addition, Whiteness and Transparency, which are indicators of appearance are also displayed.

Rapid Analysis
The Satake MM1D can accurately analyse a sample within five seconds

Ease of Operation
The Satake MM1D analyses milled rice without the need for preliminary grading or grinding. It is only necessary to place a rice sample into the sample case and insert the case in to the unit. All measurement is accomplished automatically, with no special skills or techniques required by the operator. 

LCD Touch Sensitive Display
The LCD allows greater reading accuracy. Averaging of up to five sample values is done automatically. It also stores 999 historical results.

Objective Measurement for Milling Degree
The Satake MM1D eliminates subjective judgements of milling degree. This is especially useful whenever an objective appraisal of milling degree is necessary, such as in the prevention of over-milling and under-milling in whitening lines. 

Model MM1D

Measurement Method  Photo Diode 
Measurement Range Whiteness 5.0 – 70.0%
Transparency 0.01 – 8.00%
Milling Degree Points 0 – 199 
Light Source Blue LED
Power Source AC 90 – 240V 50/60Hz Single Phase 
Net Weight 3.5 kg