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TCAA Cascade / Multi Aspirator

The Satake TCAA Cascade / Multi-Aspirator is designed for removing light material from good product.

It is effective at removing dust, shrivelled grain, straw and other high air resistance impurities from a wide range of granular products including pulse and cereal grains, grass and brassica seed and pellet and flake plastic.

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TCAA Operation

The separating action within the multi-aspirator is achieved by drawing a stream of air up through the product which enters the aspirator through an inlet at the top of the machine. It then cascades down over a series of baffle plates that spread the product evenly across the width of the aspirator.

The top of the aspirator is fitted with a full width air duct that draws air through inlets behind each baffle plate. The air passes through the product, taking with it material with high air resistance. By controlling the speed of this air a precise separation of good and bad product can be made.


The TCAA multi-aspirator can be manufactured to a number of standards, from a basic machine in all mild steel, to a polished stainless steel version, and is available with 4 or 6 aspiration stages. For higher capacities, two aspirators can be positioned back to back. The inlet to the aspirator can be fed with a single or double stock inlet, depending on the size of the machine. 

No moving parts are used in the aspirator, therefore reducing maintenance to a minimum. The unit has an inspection panel at each side which gives good visibility of the operation and allows for easy setting of the machine.

The multi-aspirator is compact, hygienic, has no moving parts, requires very little maintenance and will self clean when changing from one product to the next.