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Size Reduction

Size Reduction & Grinding Equipment

Satake’s size reduction and grinding machines are used in processes such as:

Wheat Milling
Rice Flour Milling
Maize/Corn Milling
Barley Milling
Soy Milling
Sugar Milling
Casein Milling
Carbon Black Milling
Spice Milling
Chemical/Polymer Milling
Kibbling and Flaking



Rollermills operate using a pair of grinding rolls fed by an independently driven pair of feed rolls. The rate of product entering the machine is controlled by a microprocessor that monitors stock levels and automatically adjusts feed roll speeds. The main grinding rolls are engaged and disengaged using pneumatic cylinders. 

Each rollermill has two grinding sections with feed rolls and a control system for each. It is in effect two independent machines mounted back to back on the same chassis.  

Rollermills are available in either single or ‘two-high’ configurations.

SNR Rollermill

The new Satake SNR Rollermill is the very latest in cereal milling technology. 

The new features of the SNR are a true step change in machine and process design. 

Every aspect of milling operation has been considered, leading to ground-breaking and innovative solutions. (more)

SRM Rollermill

The SRM can be used for grinding a variety of products including wheat, maize, flours, rice, spices, plastics/polymers, carbon black, etc.  

A compact machine with great strength and high capacity, the SRM is the ‘workhorse’ of any milling installation. (more)

SRMD Two High Rollermill

The Satake SRMD incorporates all the technology of the single SRM, but has twin rolls to save space in the mill.

The SRMD has an extremely high reputation amongst millers. It is ideal for increasing milling capacity whilst retaining existing floor area. (more)

Roll Change Trolley for SRM and SRMD Rollermill

The Satake Roll Change Trolley makes changing roll packs on the SRM Rollermill and SRMD Two High Rollermill quick and easy.

The machine is solidly constructed and capable of handling both 1,000 and 1,250mm rolls. (more)

Pin Mill

The Satake SPM Pin Mill is a multi purpose in-line machine specially designed for high rotor speeds for high continuous grinding, infestation destruction and mixing a wide range of cereal products conveyed under suction (vertical mount type) gravity or suction (horizontal mount type). The machine also has applications in sugar milling and casein milling, where stainless steel versions are used.

Within a wheat flour mill, the principle application is its use to grind clean middlings and fine semolina into flour with minimum increase in starch damage. On this duty it can replace a rollermill in the mill diagram. (more)

Satake Australia also produce a stainless steel version of this machine for grinding of sugar and other granular products with maximum performance and high sanitation. (more)

Hammer Mills FHMA ‘G-Series’

Satake manufacture high quality, energy efficient hammer mills for the coarse grinding of poultry and livestock feeds, the fine grinding of meals for aqua feed and for uses in a variety of industries for grinding organics and minerals. 

The design of the G series mill allows for fast screen changes, making it well suited to producing different products. (more)

Ripple Mill

Satake Australia recently acquired the manufacturing and product support rights to the ‘Ripple Mill’ previously manufactured by Pellet Technology Australia Ltd

The Satake Ripple Mill is a low speed mill for the efficient cracking of palm nuts. 

The nuts enter the top of the mill and are impacted several times between stationary plates and the turning rotor. 

The rotor imparts the velocity and the impact forces crack the nut. (more)

Stone Mills

These tough, durable machines are manufactured in Denmark and are of exceptional quality. They are in use in Australia and New Zealand grinding spices, herbs, maize, wheat, peas and a variety of speciality grains.

They are available in several sizes for milling at different capacities and we have a machine in our Sydney test facility. (more)