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The Satake VBF Maize Degerminator

The VBF Degerminator differs from all previous machines by having a vertical configuration, which is the key to its uniform and even action on the grain being processed.

It provides an aggressive rubbing action that simultaneously removes both bran and germ from individual maize kernels, while at the same time controlling breakage to produce a maximum number of large pieces of pure endosperm and limiting fines to a minimum.

In the degerminator, maize enters the annulus formed by a multiple sided perforated screen and an eccentric shaped rotor. As the rotor turns, the clearance between the rotor and the screen is constantly changing, causing the grain within the annulus to experience alternate periods of compression and relaxation.

This produces a very efficient rubbing action, in which bran layers are removed by rubbing grain against grain. In combination with abrasive action resulting from the grain moving across specially designed textured surfaces, this rubbing action simultaneously removes bran and germ from the kernel. The object is for bran and germ to exit the chamber through the perforations in the screen, leaving the clean endosperm to exit at the discharge of the machine.

A weighted discharge gate, which can be set manually or automated, is used to regulate the work done and thus the degree of bran and germ removal.

Because the clearance between rotor and screen is constantly changing with each rotation, a cyclic compression and relaxation occurs in the grain bed. This produces both the effective rubbing action and the pressure necessary for efficient removal of bran and germ.

The VBF’s unique vertical configuration allows for uniform loading of grain within the milling chamber. This maximises power efficiency and produces highly uniform bran and germ removal among individual maize kernels.

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