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Moisture Addition & Conditioning

Ancillary Equipment

Satake knows that for any process to operate efficiently and reliably, all the equipment within the process must be designed and manufactured to the highest standards. 

Satake’s Bran Finishers, Flake Disrupters and Drum Detachers ensure that mill extraction is maximised. 

Infestation Destroyers, Water Addition Control Systems and NIR Analysis Systems provide Quality Assurance and Process Control.

SEDB In-Line Flake Disrupter

SEDC Infestation Destroyer

The Satake In-Line Flake Disrupter SEDB has been developed to provide a more compact plant layout, by performing the flake disrupter process on stock whilst it is being pneumatically conveyed.

The Infestation Destroyer SEDC is designed for installation in finished flour/ingredient blowlines. The violent action of the machine disintegrates any insects, eggs or larvae present in the product. (more)

SDD Drum Detacher

The Satake Drum Detacher SDD is used for the gentle disruption of endosperm flakes without disintegrating any bran and germ particles present. It is particularly useful on tail end reduction passages for increasing flour releases without causing any significant increase in ash or colour. (more)

SBFB Bran Finisher

The SBFB IncliTec Bran Finisher is the first in a new series of machines designed to bring the benefits of the latest Satake IncliTec technology to the milling industry. 

The SBFB effectively cleans the bran, recovering flour which would otherwise be lost, thereby increasing extraction rate. 

The key to this separation is the inclusion of an easily adjustable angle of operation. (more)

SWEC Water Panel

The SWEC Water Panel controls and monitors the flow rate of water using all electronic components. The main use is in the addition of water to wheat and other cereal grains before milling. 

Two model types are available: 

1. Actual flow rate set in litres per minute
2. Flow rate set as percentage of maximum


SWMC Moisture Control System

The Satake Moisture Control System SWMC is a reliable and cost effective way of controlling the addition of water to wheat during the tempering process. Using modular components, it is straightforward to install a fully integrated feedback control system in your own wheat mill. (more)