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Length Grader

Satake Uniflow Length Grader

The Uniflow Length Grader separates free flowing granular products such as wheat, barley, rice and pulses on the basis of length difference. It is able to remove foreign seeds both longer and shorter than the good product, e.g. barley, oats and others from wheat.

They are available in models ranging from a single cylinder to twelve cylinders and with either parallel or series flow patterns.

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Length Grader LRG


Easy assembly and disassembly operations are ensured through its compact design, a light body and its simple construction.

The transition pipes are equipped with sampling outlets so that grain can be sampled at each stage.

The degrees of separation of grain can be observed through the inspection windows.

Lower maintenance is ensured through the use of direct-coupled motors rather than belt or chain drive systems.

More than 10 types of screens of different configuration are available for separating various types of grains.

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