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Thermal Treatment, Cooking & Roasting

CPM Wolverine Proctor

Satake Australia are the representatives for Wolverine Proctor in Australia and New Zealand.

CPM Wolverine Proctor are a global leader in the design and manufacture of processing equipment for the Food, Chemical, Tobacco, Textile and Web Processing Industries. 

Wolverine Proctor can offer customized solutions to your unique application problem. Tech Centers are maintained in the USA and UK to provide the most accurate analysis of your process.  

Considerations are given to every detail: product quality, yields, cleaning, maintenance, energy and equipment longevity.

Wolverine Proctor offer:

– 190 Years Of Industrial Experience. 
– 500 man-years of Degreed Engineering Experience in thermal processing applications. 
– International Sales and Production Capabilities. 
– Worldwide Agent Network. 
– Wolverine Proctor has a installed base representing over $1.5 billion of equipment located in all corners of the world – larger than all our competitors combined. 
– A full staff of Field Erection and Service Engineers worldwide to assist with the installation of new equipment or evaluate existing machinery to obtain optimum performance. 
– A Customer Service Department worldwide to assist in obtaining replacement parts including most of our vintage machinery still in operation. 

Wolverine Proctor know Your Industry 

– WOLVERINE invented the Jet-Tube air handling technology now widely used in the drying, toasting, and puffing of many food, chemical, and textile products. 
– PROCTOR & SCHWARTZ was the first to apply Forced Convection drying principles to products in the food, tobacco, textile, and chemical industries, and Wolverine Proctor is now the Industry Standard equipment in many of these. 
– Broad base of crossover knowledge from other industries allows us to smooth and shorten the development process. 

Wolverine Proctor Design For Your Requirements:

– Custom designed equipment for your specific application. 
– Technical Centers available to provide the most accurate analysis of your process. 
– Equipment designed for maximum energy efficiency. 
– Modular design provides fast, reduced cost of machine erection and allows for possible expansion at a later time. 

Equipment Range:

Jetzone Type Dryers/Puffers/Toasters
Conveyor Dryers and Coolers 
Bake Ovens, Grills, Smoke Ovens
Flaking Mills, Shredding Mill Lines
Drum/Truck/Tray/Loop Dryers and Tenters
Web Processing Equipment
Tobacco Equipment
Textile/Fiber Equipment
Batch Nut Roaster

Complete product and service details can be found on Wolverine proctor’s website at: